NAET Tester (Dynamometer)


The NAET® hand-held tester is a type of dynamometer used to measure the strength of the hand (on a 0-100 scale) in the presence and absence of a suspected allergen.


The person being tested for an allergen will hold the NAET Tester in the palm of their hand then squeeze the rubber bulb making the needle move then settle on a number between 0-100. The initial base line reading, without touching or holding a substance, is observed first. Record the number the needle rests on. Then hold or touch the allergen to be tested with one hand while squeezing the rubber bulb with the other hand. Record the number the needle settles on. 


How to interpret the readings:


If the second reading is more than the initial reading, there is no allergy.


If the second reading is less than the initial reading, then there is an allergy.


For example: if the initial (baseline) reading is 20 on a scale of 1-100, and the reading in the presence of an allergen (for e.g. apple) is 18, the person is allergic to the apple. If the second reading is 8 or 10, or lower, the person has a huge allergy to the apple. If the second reading is 22, or higher, there is no allergy.


Upon clearing the sensitivities, hold the allergen substance. Hand strength should be same as the baseline or higher. It takes a fair amount of practice to get good at testing with the NAET Tester.


1. Always wash hands with soap and water before testing to remove residue from other items handled before testing.

2. For allergens such as food, beverages, water, chemicals, mould, pollen, dust, etc., place the substance in a thin jar or a baby food jar with the lid closed tightly before holding it in the hand for testing.

3. If testing fabrics, wood, plastic, etc. touch the item with the pads of the fingers with one hand while squeezing the NAET Tester in the other hand.

4. Hand strength is compared with and without the presence of the allergen in your hand.

5. Use the same amount of pressure when you test with and without the allergen.

Another benefit of the NAET Tester is that the degree of weakness/strength is measured in numbers. This gives the practitioner/patient some understanding of the degree of allergy one has towards the allergen.



The NAET Tester is not designed to diagnose medical conditions. If you suffer from a medical condition, please consult with a medical specialist.




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