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Kit 40: Parts of Brain 3

Kit 40: Parts of Brain 3

320,00 €Precio


1 1/10th of Left Temporal F-B

2 2/10th of Left Temporal F-B

3 3/10th of Left Temporal F-B

4 4/10th of Left Temporal F-B

5 5/10th of Left Temporal F-B

6 6/10th of Left Temporal F-B

7 7/10th of Left Temporal F-B

8 8/10th of Left Temporal F-B

9 9/10th of Left Temporal F-B

10 1/10th of Left Temporal B-F

11 1/10th of Right Temporal F-B

12 2/10th of Right Temporal F-B

13 3/10th of Right Temporal F-B

14 4/10th of Right Temporal F-B

15 5/10th of Right Temporal F-B

16 6/10th of Right Temporal F-B

17 7/10th of Right Temporal F-B

18 8/10th of Right Temporal F-B

19 9/10th of Right Temporal F-B

20 1/10th of Right Temporal B-F

21 1/10th of Left Parietal F -B

22 2/10th of Left Parietal F-B

23 3/10th of Left Parietal F-B

24 4/10th of Left Parietal F-B

25 5/10th of Left Parietal F-B

26 6/10th of Left Parietal F-B

27 7/10th of Left Parietal F-B

28 8/10th of Left Parietal F-B

29 9/10th of Left Parietal F-B

30 1/10th of Left Parietal B-F

31 1/10th of Right Parietal F-B

32 /10th of Right Parietal F-B

33 3/10th of Right Parietal F-B

34 4/10th of Right Parietal F-B

35 5/10th of Right Parietal F-B

36 6/10th of Right Parietal F-B

37 7/10th of Right Parietal F-B

38 8/10th of Right Parietal F-B

39 9/10th of Right Parietal F-B

40 1/10th of Right Parietal B-F

41 1/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

42 2/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

43 3/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

44 4/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

45 5/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

46 6/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

47 7/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

48 8/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

49 9/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

50 1/10th of Wernicke’s B-F

51 1/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

52 2/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

53 3/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

54 4/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

55 5/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

56 6/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

57 7/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

58 8/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

59 9/10th of Wernicke’s F-B

60 1/10th of Wernicke’s B-F

61 1/10th of MBF B-F

62 1/10th of MB F-B

63 2/10th of MB F-B

64 3/10th of MB F-B

65 4/10th of MB F-B

66 5/10th of MB F-B

67 6/10th of MB F-B

68 7/10th of MB F-B

69 8/10th of MB F-B

70 9/10th of MB F-B

71 1/10th of MBB B-F

72 Cervical Disc

73 Thoracic Disc

74 Lumbar Disc

75 Sacral Plexus

76 Cervical Plexus

77 Lumbar Plexus

78 Brachial Plexus

This kit will be delivered directly from NAET U.S.
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