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Alzheimer Minikit

Alzheimer Minikit

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Alzheimer's Disease progression;

Arresting AD progression;

Arresting dementia progression;

Beta-Amyloid Plaques;

Bleeding in the brain;

Blood vessel blockage;

Brain changes;

Cognitive impairment;

Corticobasal degeneration;

Damaged CNS;

Damaged Limbic system;

Defective Chromosome 4;

Dementia progression;

Difficulty remembering events;

Difficulty remembering names;

Difficulty solving problems;

Difficulty speaking;

Difficulty swallowing;

Difficulty walking;

Dormant Alzheimer's brain cell;

Dormant bacteria in the brain;

Dormant virus in the brain;

Fear to go to familiar places ;

Forgetting to turn on TV;

Forget their own name;

Forgetting common words;

Forgetting to make phone calls;

Forgetting to write words;

Frequent fainting;

Frequent mood swings;


Impaired communication;

Impaired judgment;

Lewy Body;

Mental decline;

Nerve cell damage/brain;

Nerve cell death/brain;


Nightmares during sleep;

Personality changes;

Polyphenol oils;

Post-Stroke Dementia;

Primary progressive Aphasia;

Propylene Mesh;

Protein Alpha-Synuclein;

Protein Tau-Tangles;

Slowing Memory;

Sphincter, Anal;

Sphincter, Cardiac;

Sphincter, Ileocecal;

Sphincter of Oddi;

Sphincter, LE;

Sphincter, Muscle;

Sphincter of Pupilae;

Sphincter, Pyloric;

Sphincter, UE;

Sphincter, Urethral;

Systemic inflammation;

Tau protein;

Withdrawal from activities.

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